Dorothy Smith


The Media Queen consultant is the creator/former editor in chief for Hype Hair magazine, Try It Yourself Hair, 2 Hype and other national fanzine magazines for the Word Up! publication house. Now the Editor for

Sparky D

The Devil Had Her By The Throat!

Drugs ruin lives and year after year some are still fighting the battle to break free. Year after year we find that people like Sparky D get lured into the pits of hell w…

The Purple One – Prince Dies At 57

Oh no! Say it isn’t so. The Purple One Prince dies at age 57.  Words cannot express the loss the world, not just the music industry must feel about the death of the legen…

plus size

Plus Size Girls Are Here To Stay

Plus size women will not be ignored anymore.  They are gracing the pages and covers of some of the most popular magazines that were always reserved for slender women. In …

sports updates

#SportsBits…. We Love Sports!

#SportsBits brings you the latest sports update. The NHL season is winding down and in the Eastern Conference the race between the Detroit Red Wings and Philadelphia Flye…