Brittany Kennedy


Brittany Kennedy is a South African native infused with creativity. Kennedy is exploring her passions in the arts combining her love of fashion, photography, and writing. Welcome to the world of Bre!


Bringing Beauty To Your Door

In today’s society we want to look and feel good for any occasion or no occasion at all. We want to look good and if we can, we want looking good to be convenient. …


Feeling Trump(ed)?

“Make America Great Again!”  This is what Trump announced, pronounced, claimed he could do for America.  America the Great?  Since when was America Great?  Wh…


The Movement Of A Child

Children are magnificent creatures.  From the way that they learn, to the way they grow, down to the way their perceptions of life are so untainted by the world around th…

daddy's little girl

Father Where Art Thou

“Father Where Art Thou” There is a little girl in every woman searching to be loved. For those whose childhood is merely a reminiscent of “Daddy’s Little Girl,” knows tha…

fashion week

Fashion Minded Daily

Fashion week turns into fashion month then it seems like it turns into fashion season as we fawn over the hottest trends and apply them to the ever changing weather. Fash…