Women, Spirituality and Transformative Leadership

This book encapsulates the real power of women.  It is subtitled “Where Grace Meets Power” The introduction covers the areas of spirituality and how it can help empower.  They cover topics such as:

Respect for Others Begins with Self Respect.

Risking to Share,  Sharing the Risk.

Commit to Cooperation and Collaboration.

Responsibility Mean Clear Goals and Honest Assessment.

Plus they have a chapter that is about “Faith in the Transitions of not Knowing “.  Susan Quinnipiac notes that Zen Buddhism has really empowered her. Zen has empowered her through what she calls “Sitting with Sorrow” and with “Recognizing and Embracing Loss”.  Practice is not Enough.  Where I am right now?

She states her Zen practice has helped with healing and empowerment.  I know lately I myself have been listening to the sound of OM. You can find it as an application on any smart phone.  Tina Turner one of our most beloved female entertainers needed Zen, OM, chanting to overcome the severe and brutal abuse from her husband, Ike Turner, and she empowered herself and became super famous. She was also strong enough to share her story of empowerment.

The book goes on to discuss practicing empowerment and transformative leadership.  She quotes “Empowerment is a practice, not a destination.”  She also quotes, “I have learned the hard way that not owning my expertise has a physiological effect on me.  It is downright exhausting. It mentally and physically drains me. Every time I disown my gifts,  natural talents, and the skills I have honed, I deplete my own creativity and impose limits on myself that are stifling.”

One of their students speaks to her experience working with spiritual female leaders and what she has learned. “The most professional insight is that women are having this same conversation all over the country right now in different contexts and communities. There is something bubbling up across many fields and that’s thrilling.  I have been looking for what it is like to be a woman leader and develop professionally and how to pursue excellence in a feminine way.  I  am someone of deep spiritual commitment yet want to fully embrace the opportunities ahead of me in a skillful way surrounded by male dominated structures”

She asks questions about how women should live through their transformative leadership. She also speaks to the same concept many women have discussed,  which is, creating circles of spiritually empowered women.  She writes and refers to many poems throughout the book to highlight the intuition of thoughtfulness that women have as spiritual leaders.

She covers the topic, “How do my spiritual values inform me about living with the challenges and blessings of diversity”. This chapter speaks to how spiritual women embrace diversity and how to share with authentic communication to problem solve.

The book also covers how to live up to your values, where grace meets power, best friends forever, guidelines on how to set up circles for women of faith,  and how women are embracing transformative leadership as explained as “Faith and Courage in a Swiftly Changing World.”







Sara Reiss


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