Natalie Dormer Likes Women Empowerment Roles

Natalie Dormer

Natalie Dormer likes women empowerment roles such as her character, Queen Margaery Tyrell in Game of Thrones.

When you play a powerful woman in roles such as Queen Margaery Tyrell, the script may entail ruthless endeavors. The sad part is that some fans get a bit too involved and it seems they forget this is just a role Natalie Dormer is portraying. An example is a statement she had about issues in her role in the past. “There are several things at play here,” Natalie continued, “The first point is that the male actors in the show don’t get a lot of flak when they’re raping and murdering, because people understand it’s fantasy, and yet if a female actress has to portray something – which isn’t portrayed explicitly – I get flak, personally.”

Natalie Dormer said she is in a better place with her career choices now. “I’m really glad now that I didn’t pop earlier, because in my 20s, I wasn’t ready.” She continues, “To get your identity as a woman sorted before you’re questioned about it constantly, and asked in the public sphere to qualify who and what you are… I think most 33-year-old women would say, I wouldn’t do my 20’s again for love nor money.”

Natalie Dormer also has many roles that involves nudity, even though she is playing so many roles of power. She commented, “I don’t know what the answer is.” Natalie went on to say, “Female empowerment shouldn’t be exclusively about sexuality. And you meet a lot – and I’m going to be careful what I say here – you meet a fair fraction of male writers and directors who want to wave the equality flag and believe that they’re making you a kick-ass female assassin, and they’re empowering you. Whereas true empowerment would be…” She laughs and continues, “You know, not a stylized, hyper sexualization.”

I do agree with her as it seems many women empowerment roles require nudity. We all know sex sells when it come to the ratings and sales. It would be nice if women could be more respected for talent and more clothing. What are your thoughts on Natalie Dormer and her empowerment roles?