Krystal Cantu: How CrossFit saved her life

krystal cantu

Life deals us all a set of cards; it’s what we do them and how we play them that matters.

Krystal Cantu is an inspiration to the world and fitness community. If you haven’t heard of her yet, it’s only a matter of time before you do. In 2013, Krystal Cantu lost her right arm above the elbow from a car accident after a tire blew out. Since a young girl, she was always been active and involved in sports. She participated in races such as the tough mudder and Spartan race, all heavy obstacle courses. So far she has taken 3 mudder headbands and 2 Spartan medals.

After the accident, Cantu wasn’t quite sure how she’d overcome her adversity. She had just signed up for her first CrossFit competition after she was swarmed with negative thoughts about it in the beginning. Instead of taking in the opinions of others she decided to make her own personal definition of CrossFit and see what it was for herself. She later explains in her website, that CrossFit helped to save her life. She states, “I went back to CrossFit a month after my accident because I wanted to prove to others and myself that I was still the same strong-willed person since before the accident. I found comfort and relief in doing CrossFit. I found confidence and I found the piece of me I thought I had lost forever.”

Krystal believes that everything happens for a reason. She could’ve given up hope, she could’ve stopped competing and given up the lifestyle she wanted altogether, but instead she used it as fuel to prove to herself and to others that she can, could, and would do it. She conquered her demons and slayed her dragons one by one. And though every day is different, one thing remains true; her story is an inspiration to us all that whatever life may throw at you, it’s about making the most out of it.

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