My Day with Tamypu, the Vietnamese illustrator


I’ve always wondered at how the tentacles of social media reach a far end and make connections between people originally unknown to each other and how modern technology helps curtail the distance from one heart to another.

That day was cloudy and beautiful. I was reading from an app in my phone and the attached picture in the article stood out to me so much that out of curiosity I couldn’t wait for one minute longer before I jumped to google to see what was the name under the picture stood for: Tamypu. Her works explained it all.

The world she creates seems familiar to me: quiet, delicate, tiny and simple. It feels like she is the very author who draws the sorts of stories in which I would be a character deep down. I longed to devour.  I saw components derived from common scenarios we may have encountered yet neglected a million times.

While traveling to a new place, she has a tendency to juxtapose her own drawing of herself with a picture of hers in the same background. Juxtaposition of inner and outside worlds, I would say. Not contrast, however, as her inner world is in order and not bothered by the outside world. Beholding several sets of her self-portraits and everyday life elements in other works, I suddenly came to realize this part of the conversation in The Little Prince: ”The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart.”

She zooms in the invisible.  She makes art with her heart and soul. On the “About” section one of her web pages, she writes: “Make arts and try to discover the world to make better arts.”

You would occasionally see questions such as “Do I like ocean?” “Rain?” and “Be my Valentine?” in her creation, but most of her drawings are captioned with words or phrases, plain yet captivating.

Illustrator and graphic designer, Tamypu is active on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Behance, Deviantart with projects, print design, picture book covers, and photographs.



Mirabelle Zhou

Writer with a brush; Photographer with a pen; Poet with sensitivity... Mirabelle Zhou is an enthusiastic traveler ready to take the road less traveled by, believing that will make all the differences. She holds an MS on Public Relations and Corporate Communication from New York University. She loves literature, art, philosophy, photography, education, and life.