She Knows You… Millennials


Gabrielle Jackson Bosche may not be known by you, but she miraculously demystifies the labels that you may want to know shackle many millennials.

All too often, shades of colors are multilayer and deepened when Generation X look through their glasses at their next-door neighbor – the millennials – yet the outcomes are the same shallow.

Millennials are mistakenly considered as the selfish aimless and do-nothing-and-get-everything generation. They survive on mysteries that are difficult to comprehend by other persons: social media are their air, technology is their flair, and mobility their profession.  These mysteries are true, yet shades of colors merely illusions.

Sharing most of the similarities characterized by millennials, Gabrielle Jackson Bosche, founder and CEO of The Millennial Solution, is completely honest with what her kind is like and what is not in this creative business launched in 2015. The goal is illumine a commonly misperceived generation to the rest of the population: That millennials too bosom missions and motivation, that they too put words into action, and that to get to know them should be a wise option.

Her three self-published books: “5 Millennial Myths,” “The Millennial Solution,” and “The Millennial Entrepreneur,” together with The Millennial Solution consulting company, have bridged the distance between companies, employers and millennials, guiding the right people to the right positions.

She no doubt belongs to the millennial generation, not because she is standing at an age of 27, but her revelation of this generation is sound with reason. She embodies the spirit of a fearless yet surprisingly pragmatical generation.

Groundless rumors about the millennial generation is a killer. They stifle them in the cradle.  She was once a victim of confusion and misinterpretation, a lost millennial hoping to walk out of life’s temporary frustration.

Now, she finds fulfillment in helping herself, her contemporaries and willing-to-learn companies.  What do you think about millennials and are you one of them?




Mirabelle Zhou

Writer with a brush; Photographer with a pen; Poet with sensitivity... Mirabelle Zhou is an enthusiastic traveler ready to take the road less traveled by, believing that will make all the differences. She holds an MS on Public Relations and Corporate Communication from New York University. She loves literature, art, philosophy, photography, education, and life.