Mathew Knowles Exclusive Interview: Failure Is An Opportunity To Grow

mathew knowles

In my insightful interview with Mathew Knowles we primarily discuss his book, The DNA of Achievers which was released this past fall.  As CEO of Music World Entertainment, he managed and produced many musical acts; I refrained from asking him questions about what it was like to manage his own daughter’s, Beyoncé and Solange.  My interest lied in going beyond the discussion of entertainment to discover where his story began and how his mindset developed as an entrepreneur.

Learning Through Observation

Mr. Knowles parents were entrepreneurial role models despite his humble upbringing in Gadsden, Alabama.  His dad was a truck driver who also tore down old houses and recycled metal and copper pieces, and would buy old cars and sell the transmission and motor.  His mother was a colored maid earning $3 a day, and on weekends made and sold beautiful quilts.  By the 3rd grade he was already implementing some of the things he observed.  He got in trouble for buying candy at wholesale prices and reselling them at school for retail prices.

Having Passion

Mathew believes whatever may be holding you back could be due to lack of passion.  People that are extremely passionate and possess a high say-do ratio are the ones that tend to succeed in his opinion.  His book highlights 30 other highly successful people discussing what passion, failure, being a visionary, and thinking outside of the box means to them.

mathew knowles


Matthew believes that “Success is between our ears, we can hear a lot of sounds from the past. I will not be a victim to that.”  By constantly learning and growing intellectually, he advises people to stay in the present to be able to overcome limiting beliefs.  In his second book soon to be released later this year, Racism from the eyes of a child, he will go more into detail about his experiences being the first black student in junior and high school, one of the first in college at the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga, one of the first to sell CT/MRI diagnostic scanner, and one of the first neurosurgical sales specialist.

Question the process

When he started in the music industry he was a dad and approached it from a marketing and branding perspective.  He focused on the packaging and how to bring awareness to the product.  He always questioned why people were doing things in a particular way.

Failure is part of the process

If you are a risk taker there will be failure. If you are passionate there will be failure.  While traveling 200 days of the year as a music industry executive Mr. Knowles met many interesting people and identified the consistency of certain elements present in conversations.  Eventually a light bulb went off to compile the use of the same words he heard, and traits of the many powerful, and successful people he associated with.  He shares it all in his book which you can find at



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