GaBBy’s Bows Solves The Problem Of Missing Barrettes

gabby's bows

What started out as a twitter rant eventually turned into GaBBy’s bows

Necessity is the mother of invention and that is definitely the case with five-year-old Gabrielle Goodwin. She was having a hard time holding on to barrettes after her mother Rozalynn did her hair. Mom took to twitter to rant about the money wasted and after she found out others had the same gripe, mother and daughter decided to do something about the missing barrettes.

“I’m not an engineer. I’ve never done anything like this before,” said Rozalynn during a guest appearance on “The Real.” “But I told her about the Twitter exchange and she started asking me every single day, ‘When are my bows coming? When are we going to make my bows?’ She stayed on me and it pushed me. And as a mom, we of course want to tell our children nothing is impossible, but I really wanted to show her that nothing was impossible.”

The two huddled up at the kitchen table comparing various barrettes and soon they came up with their own design. GaBBy’s bows are double-face, double-snap barrettes and are guaranteed not to slip out of pigtails, braids or twists. Four years later, they have a thriving business with plenty of room to grow.

GaBBy’s bows have sold in 43 states and seven countries online and are currently in 23 retail stores. Their inspiring story has been featured in the Washington Post and the Chicago Tribune and the Tom Joyner morning show. Gabby was even named the 2015 South Carolina Young Entrepreneur of the Year. The mother-daughter team was chosen as winners of The American Small Business Championship hosted by SCORE, a national non-profit dedicated to mentoring small business owners.

gabby's bowsBesides being a normal and active nine-year-old, Gabby is getting some first-hand experience running a business. She does inventory, works vendor events and even writes hand-printed thank you cards to their many customers. Rozalynn and Gabby are shining examples of how far hard work, dedication and a little bit of ingenuity can take you.

For more information on GaBBy’s bows or to donate to her kickstarter fund, please visit their website

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