Lucy Liu Uses Gestational Carrier

Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu opens up about the birth of her son Rockwell, who is almost a year old.

As Lucy Liu puts it, she said that Rockwell was, “brought into the world via gestational carrier.” Lucy Liu shared with CBS, “I didn’t really think about it at all.” The Elementary star, Lucy Liu, continued, “I just went ahead and did it … I didn’t realize there was criticism until after I sent out the information that I had my baby through a gestational carrier and my friends said, “‘Don’t listen to what some people are saying.’ I didn’t realize people were saying anything negative!”

The Charlie’s Angels star has been working with Tylenol’s campaign, #HowWeFamily. The campaign is about showing people who there is more than one way to have a family. The Southland actress, Lucy Liu said, “It supports all kinds of families. People have different opinions on how it’s done, but Tylenol is encouraging other people to share their stories and explain you don’t have to have a traditional family. It’s how you love your family.” For the Ally McBeal actress, Liu said that she got the courage to have her son after seeing the successes of the other single mothers. The Shanghai Noon actress said, “It doesn’t matter the machinations of how things occur. How you love and parent a child is most important. That’s the support system, really.”

Lucy Liu also said that just because you are a single mom, it does not mean you have to raise your child alone. The voice of Viper, in the Kung Fu Panda franchise said, “I don’t really raise Rockwell by myself. I have a lot of friends and a group of people who help me. It’s important to ask for help. If you can manage on your own, that’s fine, but people shouldn’t feel that they have to be alone while doing it.” How wonderful is that? Liu is one busy actress as she juggles motherhood and her role as Dr. Joan Watson on Elementary. She not only acts on the show, but will also direct at times. I am very happy that Lucy Liu decided to become a mom. What do you think of Lucy Liu and using a gestational carrier?