Zendaya Calls Out News Site For Poor Wording


Attacks? Interesting…

If there’s one thing Zendaya Coleman is known for outside of her eye-catching style, it’s her ability to eloquently speak out against injustice. The Independent, a British online newspaper established in 1986, asserted that Zendaya “attacked” a troll on twitter over rape comment. Zendaya found the wording to be interesting.


In a deleted tweet referencing 2013 film The Purge, a film focused on the concept of all crime being legal for 12 hours,  Zendaya was posted along with Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna. The very offensive caption of the tweet read: “If the purge was real, who y’all raping?”

“This is absolutely disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourself,” she said. “Is this really what my generation thinks is ok?”

The tweet gets no pass for its offense, but neither should the wording of The Independent’s tweet on the matter. Often in the media, women of color, especially black women, are depicted as “aggressive” or as “attacking” someone when they speak out on a matter.

At 20-years-old, Zendaya has been outspoken on topics of race, gender and body positivity. She has accurately and eloquently grappled with topics that many 20-year-olds may not have had the opportunity to process in the right setting. If you have followed Zendaya to any extent, you know that she has always corrected and never attacked.

Black women are often labeled with negative stigmas around them sticking to their guns and calling things out as seen fit. While stereotypes may stem from somewhere, it is best that the context of it is understood rather than carried on. Women of color, especially black women, deserve to be heard and to speak out, sharing their priceless opinion and paving roads for the next generation of young black women.

It makes no sense that should this have been a white woman, she would simply be “calling out an internet troll” and Zendaya “attacks” one.

We are not “angry” or “aggressive” or “attacking.” We are defending ourselves in a world that sees fit to copy us rather than treasure us.








Shonette Reed

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Shonette Reed is a Los Angeles based blogger and journalist with a journalism and integrated Media degree from Biola University. She has worked in the fashion industry as a freelance writer for ForHarriet.com and a public relations intern for Liberate Apparel. Her main goal in the fashion industry is to continue to bring more women of color to the media, showing that the fashion industry has diversity worth celebrating.

  • Scott Venue

    Nothing was poor about her working. It is exactly what Zendaya did and her reaction is more disgusting than anything