Women In The Olympics: Age Is But A Number

female olympians

The Olympics… A competition featuring the best of the best from each country competing against one another for the world title (not to mention bragging rights of course).

Every four years, we are presented with the inspiring stories of athletes from around the world and their journey to the Olympics. This year is the year for the ultimate inspiration for women. From around the world comes a unique group of women competing for the title of World’s Best. These female Olympians are an inspiration in proving that just because you get older, doesn’t mean you have to stop living your life and can’t compete with the younger generations. They are also an inspiration for going after your dreams, even if someone thinks you are too old.

One female athlete giving us major inspiration is Oksana Chusovitina, 41. Oksana is a 7 time Olympian and a mom. She started her Olympic career in 1992. She is also the oldest Olympic gymnast in history, a title that would seem offensive to some, but not Oksana. In an E! News article, Oksana states that she’s “feeling good” and “on the podium.  Everyone is the same whether you are 40 or 16….it’s a pity there are no points for age.”

Another female Olympians that are giving us inspiration is U.S. cyclist Kristin Armstrong, 43. She is the oldest female cycling medalist in the world and the first American woman to win three consecutive summer olympics. When asked why she would come out of retirement after the London games in 2012, she answered simply: “Because I can.”

One woman we should all take note of and inspire to be is equestrian rider Mary Hanna, 61. She is the oldest competitor in the 2016 Olympics, but this young at heart grandmother is still going strong.

Two other ladies to take notice of are Erika Olivera, 40, the Chilean marathon runner who was the flag bearer during the opening ceremony and 42-year-old long distance runner Jo Pavey. Both of these women are coming back for their 5th Olympics.

All of these female Olympians are an inspiration. Each of them would not be where they are today without hard work and dedication, along with a few sweat and tears. They defy the odds and remind us that no matter how old you are, it is never too late to start living your dreams.


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