With Love, Chef Carla Hall

carla hall

Hoping to bring people together again through face-to-face communication, Dixie and celebrity chef and co-host of ABC’s The Chew, Carla Hall launched pop-up restaurants in actual cellular dead zones.

The purpose of the initiative was to transform the negative perception of cellular dead zones into unique opportunities for people to “Be More Here.” This past weekend’s events took place in Los Angeles at The Vault, a former Federal Reserve bank vault, Bronson Cave and Temescal Canyon Park.


Hall featured some of her signature dishes to inspire conversation, including Granny’s Meat ‘n’ Greet Loaf, Selfie-Free Soup, Get To Talkin’ Taters, Dropped Call Carrots and No-Fi Pie. Yummy! Dixie outdid themselves serving up free food, meaningful conversation and an ambiance that is distraction free.

Hall adheres to the philosophy of cooking with love and treating meals as important social occasions. “I’ve been cooking long enough to realize that a memorable meal is just as much about the conversation around the table as it is about the food on the plates,” said Hall.

Our phones have truly made us less connected and Dixie illustrates how having “zero bars” can actually be the perfect time for people to come together.

“We all have enough distractions in life that get in the way of real interaction, so I’m excited to join Dixie in encouraging people to put away their cell phones so they can better enjoy each other’s company when they’re sharing a meal,” said Hall.

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More to celebrate, Chef Hall just reopened Carla Hall’s Southern Kitchen with business partner Evan Darnell.

We are anxious to share some southern food love to y’all. Thanks to the community for your support and patience,” said Hall on her Facebook page.

Hall’s restaurant is the neighborhood eatery known for its star dish: Hot Chicken. Serving up authentic Nashville Hot Chicken in Brooklyn, New York since 2014, the Southern Kitchen is bringing southern fried goodness to you with much love.

At Hall’s Southern Kitchen you’ll find fast-served food with slow-cooked richness that makes you feel at home.

Not in New York but want to get a taste of Hall’s recipes, find a few from the Deadzone Diner here.