Why You Shouldn’t Listen When They Tell You To Marry Rich

marry rich

Growing up in a tight-knit Jewish family has been a (mostly) wonderful experience and although I have minimal complaints about my upbringing, I would like to address a simple phrase that the women in my life have imparted on me at a very young age: Marry rich.

That’s right… Ever since I could remember those two words followed me around like an adorably needy puppy dog, except unlike a newborn pup, this message has been drilled into my brain since early childhood. I admit, I never really gave this phrase much thought as a kid, but nowadays it somehow seems to hit me in a way that it never has before. These incredible women, who have the opportunity to share with me decades worth of wisdom, have no groundbreaking advice other than to marry rich?

Thinking back on it now, the insinuation was that if my own career didn’t pan out as I hoped it would, I’d have a wealthy man at home that would take care of me for all of eternity. While I appreciate my family’s desire for me to have all of the finer things in life, the phrase itself always seems to perpetuate this archaic notion of weak and subordinate women and let’s face it, there’s no room for weak and subordinate women in society anymore.

Women today have all of the capabilities of being successful on their own and while it’s okay to have a plan B, plan C and even a plan D, E, F, or G in life, none of those backup plans should involve anyone other than you. So go out and get what you want and don’t rely on anyone else to do it for you. Next time the opportunity presents itself to impart some of your wisdom on a younger generation, steer clear of “marry rich,” and go immediately to “Girl, you’ve got this,” because you really, really do!

Jordyn Tilchen

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