Acid Attack Survivor From India Became The Part Of New York Fashion Week 2017

acid attack

This Time New York Fashion Week Was Special ….

New York Fashion Week is a dream for many women across the globe to be a part of this successful runaway event in New York City.  Many international faces have always been a part of the most awaited runaway fashion week in the United States. Celebrities like Karlie Kloss, Kendall Jenner and many super models have claimed recognition for themselves on this platform giving it special significance for the up-and-comers who dare to dream of the moment when they’ll be able to make an impression at shows like Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs or Ralph Lauren.

It was a usual Spring 2017 collections as before where the newcomers excitement was understandably full of excitement and nervousness, but something unusual and extraordinary happened this time when we noticed a brave woman from India who lost an eye and had her face disfigured in an acid attack was walking confidently on the runaway…

Reshma Qureshi, 19 years old was wearing a ravishing cream and floral floor-length gown. Miss Qureshi wore the outfit designed by the designer Archana Kochhar. The young lady looked very confident on the runaway during Fashion Week.

The incident happened back in 2014 in the Northern part of India when Qureshi was doused with sulphuric acid by her estranged brother-in-law and his friends that resulted in the loss of her a left eye and left scars on her body and face .

Acid attacks are still prevalent in Indian society where women are attacked by people they know or even acquaintances  and  the reasons can be insane and invalid. Reason can include a boy chasing a woman for making love or for being married.  If the woman does not accept a man’s love offering, she can be attacked by throwing acid on her.   One of the other vague reason includes family members or  relatives who believed they have “dishonoured” the family in one way or another.   Also, there are cases  where someone may be envious of a woman doing well in life.   Therefore, to put an end someone’s career, they would use acid to ruin the woman’s face and body.  There are so many more unknown reasons behind this heinous crime.  Over  500 to 1,000 attacks take place each year in India according to some reports that not only leave physical scars, but also impacts a woman’s psychological and social life.  Some of the women in India can’t even afford the medical treatment.

Qureshi is still in high school and wants  to pursue her college degree. She wanted to inspire other women who have been attacked with acid to believe in themselves and not lose hope.


Sukhin Chawla

Broadcaster/ Writer

Sukhin Chawla is a freelancer writer in United States and have an experience of creative writing in more than three years. Sukhin also worked as a Broadcaster in National Television in India for two years.