Girls Above Society Finds Their Media Voice

girls above society

When girls are confident and know their self-worth, they can better navigate the tough pressures of today’s media driven society.

That’s the vision of Girls Above Society, a powerful non-profit organization that teaches girls to lead with confidence and to start speaking up about the pressures young girls face in today’s society. Girls Above Society was founded in 2011 by 15-year-old Lauren Galley who wanted to create a positive outlet for girls where they could openly talk about and discuss the pressures facing them in society.

As a young girl, Lauren was the subject of torment and bullying by a fellow classmate. Unsure of how to deal with the bullying, Lauren began to withdraw and kept the bullying to herself. Her parents intervened and helped her to see that it wasn’t her. By creating Girls Above Society, Lauren gave girls a place to be themselves and to find their voice. The organization provides support for girls who may not have that familial support at home as she did.

Girls Above Society provides young girls with a number of programs to help build their sense of self-worth and teach them how to be leaders, from Lauren’s “Girl Talk” program to Girl Power camps and more. Another program implemented is Cyber Citizenship, a program designed specifically for teaching and educating girls about cyber bullying and cyber safety. In 2015, the program was approved by the Texas Board of Education for grades 9 through 12.

October is anti-bullying month. Girls Above Society’s latest campaign, #SixteenSeconds, focuses on raising awareness of bullying and how to prevent it by encouraging girls to share their stories of who inspires them and then challenge that person to share their story and continue the movement.

Another inspiring projects is that of Project Warrior, which focuses on taking the message of Girls Above Society to girls who have been victims of human trafficking, a topic that is well-known but not widely discussed in our society.

Lauren Galley is a force to be reckoned with and one we should all support.


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