Challenges All Millennial Women Face

millennial women

As women and as millennials, we have unique challenges that we all have to face…

We are in the day and age where rape culture is rampant, gender bias is alive and well, and equal pay is still not a realization. Many people will not agree with me and that’s okay, but guess what? Women do have to work harder and we have always had to. It’s the sad reality of the world that we live in. A woman can do better or just as well as their male counterpart and still be overlooked. Right now, we have an example on the national stage with Hillary Clinton. Regardless of your beliefs or your opinion of her, she has been a tenacious politician and yet credit is never given where credit is due.

We can see this through the blatant double standards between Trump and Hillary especially when people are attacking her for her husband’s behavior and infidelities. Why would a woman be held accountable and attacked for the actions of her husband? It’s plain misogyny through and through. As millennial women, we will have to deal with things like this. Hopefully, this double standard between men and women will change in our lifetime, but I’m not so sure. The fact that we still have to deal with a wage gap and the glass ceiling is absurd to me.

Women on average earn less than men and this number is even higher for minority women, especially African-American and Latina women. Besides these issues, millennial women also struggle with body image issues. I know this is something that affects me and my friends greatly. At the gym, a few days ago, my friend and I were both complaining about our bodies. “I wish I could change this.” “Ugh, I feel so fat,” were just a few of the phrases that we uttered. I had to stop myself and think, why am I so hard on myself? Why are we as woman so hard on not only ourselves but each other?

I won’t let society dictate to me what is beautiful, what is skinny and fat and you shouldn’t either. I’ll be honest, it can be tough to be a woman now, but we have come a long way and many of us don’t have to deal with even a 1/3 of what women in other countries have to deal with. We are lucky.  There will be struggles and challenges for all women in the world, and their most likely will always be, but we can’t let this stop us. As Maya Angelou, beautifully stated,

“I’m a woman


Phenomenal woman,

That’s me.”'

Kate Nowlin

Kate is an Indiana based writer currently in school seeking a degree in English with a focus in Professional and Technical writing. With her passion for the written word, Kate hopes to continue pursuing her love for writing.