Black Women Will Become Useless

trick daddy

Open Letter to Trick Daddy: Calling Black Women useless is Self-Hate.

Dear Mr. Young aka Trick Daddy,

Your “PSA” on Instagram was disheartening. My initial disappointment laced with anger and sadness subsided. Now, I write from a place of present consciousness.

You senselessly say Spanish Hoe, White Hoe, and Black Hoe. Why is it OK to categorize us in such a disgraceful ignoble manner? Your mere existence is because of a woman. Did your mother sell her body for money or drugs? Is that how she conceived you? How about your Grandmother, Sister, Aunt, Cousin, or Friend?

When you look in the mirror how do you feel about yourself, if you can so freely disrespect a part of you, and the gender your Mother belongs to.

I’m cognizant of your legendary status. Your team consisted of female rap icon-Trina and continues to inspire female rap in a younger generation with-Brianna Perry.

Rappers Brianna Perry & Trina.
Rappers Brianna Perry & Trina.

When you look these women in their eyes do you call them a Hoe? Or do you only find it convenient to denigrate a woman from behind the comfort of a computer or cellphone screen. The inability to call us by our names is perhaps a sole contributor to violence against Black Women. #SayHerName

Words have power. Why use them for misogyny to annihilate our self-worth and self- esteem?

You’re not original. Slave masters who shackled your ancestors, raped and defiled Black Female slaves felt the same about our worth. They did so, because unlike our White Female counterparts, the color of our skin made us “less than” it made us property.

1911 Lynch of Black Woman.
1911 Lynch of Black Woman.

Are you happy to share the same beliefs? Urging Black women to “tighten up” to receive acceptance. If the Answer is yes, those Slave Masters would be proud.

Shackled Slave Feet.
Shackled Slave Feet.

Your negativity and social media rant is cretinous.  In the words of Don Miguel Ruiz “What people say and do is a reflection of their own reality.” Your racist speech is a reflection of your dark reality, I wish you light and self-love.



Native New York City creative and girl with island blood. Kahalia is a content curator with expansive experience in journalism and communications across the arts, media, fashion, and beauty industries. Kahalia's portfolio also includes commentary on news, politics, and human rights. She is a Penn State University graduate with a B.A. in Print and Broadcast in Journalism, and minor in Communications.