How To Have Gratitude For All Seasons


As the holiday season arrives, we look forward to spending time with family members, close friends, and our significant others in a family setting.

Preparing meals, discussing updates of our lives, and getting in the spirit of gratitude for all that we have. But it’s important to have this spirit of gratitude all the time. It helps you to appreciate the beauty of your life as it is now. There are two things you can do to have gratitude in all seasons.

Reflect & Write

It’s good to reflect on the things that you have in your life. It’s good to reflect on the people who you have in your life that support you. This is especially important when life gets difficult and it becomes easy to immerse ourselves in self-pity.

It’s a great habit to take moments during the day to reflect and write. Have you heard of having a gratitude journal? I’ve heard Oprah discuss it several times. I’ve heard mentors talk about it. Your gratitude journal is exactly as it sounds. It could be a journal or note pad with the intention to write down what you’re grateful for. You can write these things down daily, weekly or monthly. Seeing the words down in paper can have a powerful and positive effect on your state of mind. When you’re aware of all you have to be thankful for, it’s hard to have unhappiness co-exist in that same mental state.

Say Thanks in The Moment

We all have people in our life to be grateful for. There are the people you can call or text at 1 am to talk about a problem. There are the people who bring joy and laughter into your life. There are the people who give you advice on how to move forward. When people display acts of kindness, love, support and offer insight, be vocal about it in that moment. We shouldn’t have to wait till the holiday season to remember and express gratitude to them. We should do it in that moment because there’s no telling the impact it will have on that person.

On a day that I wasn’t feeling my best, I received a message via social media. Someone thanked me that they enjoyed reading a post I wrote, that they needed that message. It instantly changed how I was feeling to that of contentment because knowing that I connected with someone and had a positive effect matters to me.

Be willing to always be vocal in your moments of feeling gratitude. You don’t know just how much it can impact the person you’re telling.

Who are some people or things that you’re thankful for?

Isioma Ononye

Isioma Ononye is a freelance writer, blogger and Social Media Specialist. She's passionate about communications, working on causes that pertain to supporting women, girls and young professionals. She's often found discussing literature, politics or her dream of meeting Oprah.