3 Unstoppable Writer’s Block Techniques To Master

Writer’s block can be a debilitating emotional roller coaster for a writer.  Without some type of outlet, it could leave your computer screen blank forever.

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Get your creative juices flowing.

Some writer’s block techniques are so simple to use that you can be motivated to write immediately!

  1.  Meditate:  Yes meditation can help you to relax.  Once you can clear your mind, more ideas are able to come through.
  2. Exercise:  Whether you are at the gym or running in the park, it can be a freeing feeling not to think about your problems, challenges or the stress of work.  Ideas will just drop into your brain and you will say, “Wow, why didn’t I think of that before.  The thought or idea will be so strong that you will want to stop in the middle of your workout to write everything down.
  3. Participate in writers group.  Again there will be someone to give you an idea that will leave you saying to yourself, “Sheesh, why didn’t I think of that?!”

Ideas are all over the place if you look and keep your mind open to the energy that is around you all the time.  If you don’t know what to write  think about your childhood, your first kiss, the vacation you took with family or friends plus you can write about your favorite things and why.  You can even talk about your impressions of the world around you.  It’s easy to start writing your book or blog when your creative juices start to flow.

Another way you can get your creative juices flowing is by investing in a career coach.  A career coach can brainstorm with you, figure out what’s the issues with your writing career, correct the issues and give you a blueprint on how to move forward.  In one conference call you can get your blog, website and book up and running straight to the bank.

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