Jessica Alba Partners with DL1961 Denim

The powerhouse that is Jessica Alba, is taking over the world, one industry at a time. From modeling and acting as tinseltown’s hottest dancer (Honey, Sin City), to juggling her entrepreneurial start-up, Honest, with motherhood, it seems there is nothing Alba cannot do. Having tackled both the entertainment and consumer goods industries, she is moving on to a new, more creative venture: fashion.

Alba, recognized for her classic meets California-cool style, is partnering with DL1961, a “smart denim” brand, to design eight to ten pieces for their Fall 2016 collection, set to debut in August. Additionally, she’s heading back to her modeling roots, starring in the brand’s Spring 2016 campaign, featuring edgy distressed and faded styles.

Growing up in California has made Alba a denim expert. “I probably have two full racks of denim and each hanger is doubled up. It’s excessive. It’s next-level,” she explains to Vogue, in a recent interview. We, get it Jess, one can never have too many jeans – they are after all the ultimate fashion go-to. Together with DL1961, Alba strives to create the perfect pair, one that “celebrate women’s bodies and show off those curves.” Amen!

It is clear why Alba chose this particular brand over the hundreds of other denim designers. The label’s environmentally cautious approach to fashion, mimics her own philosophy. DL1961 uses unique technology to guarantee their designs use half the dye, water, and energy of typical competing brands. On top of that, they ensure a 98% shape retention throughout the day, which as a jean lover, I can get on board with. The company pledges that their denim “outperforms everything” in their customers’ closets. A bold promise, but one we cannot wait to test out with Alba’s designs.

Although we have yet to find out what styles and items will be part of the collaboration, Alba has provided a possible hint, “there’s nothing like a great denim jacket.” We completely agree, Jess.

Alexandra Sharova


Moscow born, Santa Barbara (CA) raised dreamer with an insatiable appetite for adventure & sweets.