Is Ryan Reynolds The First Daughters’ New BFF?

Last week, first daughters – Malia and Sasha Obama – attended their very first State Dinner (looking totally chic and sophisticated) honoring Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and they may have made a new best friend. Or, at the very least, they have a great story to tell their friends.

That’s right – the first daughters got the opportunity to speak with Deadpool himself. During the course of the night Sasha Obama got to live out every girl’s dream and have a one-on-one conversation with Ryan Reynolds, while older sister Malia cheered her on from the sidelines with a thumbs up. That, ladies and gentlemen, is a great lesson on how to be the best wing woman ever. (And in case you’re wondering, Ryan and his wife Blake Lively were in attendance because Ryan is originally from Canada.) Unfortunately we don’t have any details as to what the pair were discussing, but Ryan looks quite serious in the pic, while Sasha seemed to be on the verge of laughter.

The candid photo gives us a glimpse into the lives of the first daughters, something we don’t often get to see. The President and the First Lady have done a great job of keeping their girls fairly grounded and away from the spotlight, giving us only small peeks of them growing up over the last seven, plus years. This photo, however, is quite illuminating. Not only does it show that they’ve grown into beautiful young women, but it puts their choice of style on display.

Both of the girls chose to wear dresses by Neema Khan, a designer who has received the stamp of approval from their mother a number of times over the years. Malia’s selection is classic in nature, with muted gold tones and embellishments, a sweetheart neckline, with her long hair worn down in loose curls over one shoulder – she looked mature, but not matronly. Also, it seems that she’s inherited her mom’s perfectly toned arms and great posture.

Sasha, on the other hand, seems to have a slightly edgier sense of style. During her conversation with Ryan we were able to get better look at her gown, and it’s a complete 180 from her sister’s selection. Sasha’s look, a black gown covered in lace and beaded details, accompanied by a black choker necklace, proves more gothic chic than what one would expect from a first daughter. With her hair in an edgy, braided up-do, the styling screamed, rebel (okay, maybe it only whispered rebel).

In case you’re wondering, the dresses did cause a bit of a stir on the Internet once the designer was announced. Rumor has it that the dresses are worth a total of $20,000 – but never fear. They were on loan from the designer and not purchased.

Courtney Moody

Contributing Writer

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