Kelissa McDonald “Best Kept Secret”


Kelissa McDonald is a beautiful empress from the west indies promoting her new video “Best Kept Secret”.  The young lady knows how to put herself together. Her radiant smile makes her the belle of the ball. She dresses like a royal queen out of the motherland. Kelissa’s first EP “Rebel In Disguise” introduces her as a singer and songwriter. As an educated woman, Kelissa traveled to Ghana and Ethiopia to study. While in school there she was inspired by the diversity in cultures and the natural beauty. The song “Best Kept Secret” reflects her love for music, art, and multi-cultural themes.

“It has really moulded the way I treat people and helped me understand the African roots of Jamaica,” she said.


Kelissa’s music is crossover and easy going. According to the Jamaica Observer, the singer earned a degree in Liberal Arts from Whittier College, before going to Africa as an exchange student for a semester at the University of Ghana (at Legon). From Los Angeles to Kingston, the queen Kelissa learned alot about who she is and where she came from. She is not afraid to show off her roots in the video for “Best Kept Secret”.

Sing-a-long to the lyrics of Kelissa’s Song “Best Kept Secret” and connect with her page on facebook.

You’ve got the key to my heart
So I can’t find no love again
And it’s been so long, but I can’t seem to forget
All the time we spent together
And all the memories we made
You told me that I was your treasure
But treasure just don’t last forever

You locked away my heart like a secret
You locked away my heart like your rubies and gold
You locked away my heart so nobody could find it
My love is stolen

Kelissa “Best Kept Secret” was directed and edited by @bird.r.mighty with photography from @the_denni. Share the “Best Kept Secret” with another royal queen. Read more about Kelissa in Vogue Magazine. Cheers ladies.'


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