Obama Erects Monument For Women

monument for women

Obama Erects Monument For Women

Obama loves being around women from all walks of life. He is surrounded by beautiful ladies all day in the White House. His wife and two girls must be very proud of their father. After two terms, 8 years, in office, he’s finally taking a moment to pay homage to his biggest inspiration: Women.

April 12 is Equal Pay Day and women all over the world are still getting paid a minimum wage in jobs they’re overqualified for. When will this madness end? Women deserve to make the same amount of money, if not more than men in their same position. Women cook, clean, maintain the household, work, raise kids, and still have to pay their bills on time every month. Barack Obama recognizes the need for equality in the workplace and decided to erect a monument to further endorse the cause. Equal Pay for all!

National Parks Traveler is just as excited as we are about the monument for women:


A monument to the history of women’s equality in the United States on Tuesday will become the latest addition to the National Park System as President Obama will officially sign the necessary documents under the Antiquities Act to establish the Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National Monument in Washington, D.C.

The Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National Monument in Washington, D.C. will be a beacon of hope for women everywhere seeking justice for low paying jobs.

Official Press From The White House dictates:
Additionally, the President’s Council of Economic Advisers has continued to spotlight the pay gap and other challenges women face in the workforce as well as policy solutions proposed by the Administration to address these persistent challenges. Those materials include:

  • The Economics of Paid and Unpaid Leave
  • Nine Facts about American Families and Work
  • The Economic Case for Raising the Minimum Wage


We as females need to continue to uplift one another. There are already too many distractions keeping us from success in this misogynistic society. Share something with a close friend, volunteer at a woman's shelter, buy a friend lunch, and comment on a brown girl blog. What will you do to share your blogger girl powers today?