Brigette Wojnarowicz Takes Charge, Starts CCFW

Charleston Children Fashion Week

Brigette Wojnarowicz Takes Charge

Seeing a lack in children’s fashion week shows and being motivated by the experiences she and her son faced in the fashion world; Brigette Wojnarowicz decided to create opportunity not only for her son, but for children models in Charleston.

In it’s the third year, Brigette Wojnarowicz of Charleston Children’s Fashion Week shares with her audience and child models, an emphasis on kindness in the fashion world. The fashion maven went a step farther in giving her son an opportunity to make it on his own and included the children of others. Inspired by Petite Parade – a bi-annual kids fashion week based in New York – and James Perse, a Los Angeles-based designer who shared one kid show with the world, Wojnarowicz fell in love with the ability and creativity that comes with styling young boys.

“There’s such an overwhelming creativity for girls,” said Wojnarowicz, founder and fashion visionary of Charleston Children’s Fashion Week. “Boys are more heavily focused on styling. How many variations of the polo can we have?”

Brigette WojnarowiczCharleston Children's Fashion Week

The first Charleston Children’s Fashion Week show started in March of 2014, after a constant battle with designer’s and blacklisted both connected to and unconnected to Charleston’s Fashion Week. The event caters to local, independent, DIY and high-end designers and features major label retailers and designers.

Though the event has held success by its merit, there are still those who comment negatively on the event…  owners, social media accounts; contacting CCFW’s positive commenters and supporters to dissuade them from Mateusz as a model and the event as a whole.

“It’s a number of likes we don’t get that speak to the success of Charleston Children’s Fashion Week,” said Wojnarowicz. “ Because it’s not the quantity of likes and followers its the quality of comments and acknowledgements we get from brilliant and well known people around the world which measures our success… It’s a kid’s fashion revolution and it is beautiful and resented.”

Through the opposition by the community, Wojnarowicz has never strayed away from her mission; continuing to create an inclusive environment for the kids in Charleston and opportunity for her son.

“I look forward to where the production of CCFW is not shaped by opposition,” said Wojnarowicz. “I overcome and persevere much to produce Charleston Children’s Fashion Week.”



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