Arielle Joseph’s Brand, Ari J, Donates To Charity

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In 2016, we have the chance to live in a world where fashion offers the advantage of being yourself and letting that shine in your art. Many designers, seasoned and up-and-coming, have the ability and a wide range of ways to share their collections, nationally and internationally. Arielle Joseph of Ari J not only embraces femininity in modern silhouettes, but uses Etsy to share her work with people all over the world outside of the store Cerulean Blu in St. Pete, FL. The Haitian-American womenswear designer based in Central Florida looks to Haitian culture for inspiration in her latest collection, Allo, flaunting bold colors and timeless pieces.

Growing up with a love of fashion, Arielle Joseph began sketching at age 9. As a young girl, she would often go shopping with her mother supporting local designers. As she grew in her love of fashion, Joseph became inspired by Calvin Klein’s Ready-To-Wear collection which is “modern and effortlessly inspiring,” and Elie Saab’s glitz and glam with “embellishments and beautiful material.”

In her SS ’16 collection, Allo (which means “Hello”), Joseph captures inspiration from Haiti. Like the prior collections, Focal RW ’16 and Blossom SS ’15, 10-percent of the proceeds go to charity, each collection having a different charity.

Arielle Joseph graduated from the International Academy of Design and Technology with a Bachelors of Art in Fashion Design and Merchandising and has honed her design skills since. Joseph had the chance to work with a well-established bridal designer out of school and from there, started her line Ari J.

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Since then, Joseph has been in the press and lived through the fun of fashion shows. While many would assume that fashion shows are a glamorous event, Joseph says that they are more adrenaline pumping and less exciting for the designers and everyone involved.

“My first fashion show was in 2013, and it was a rush of adrenaline,” said Joseph. “There is nothing glamorous about it except as a viewer getting to watch the beautiful clothes [being walked] down the runway… In the end, it was a success. I would not change a thing, for I wouldn’t be here three years later still making an impact through doing what I love… designing.”

Though the next collection is in the works, you cannot expect too many shared details. “I am currently working on the next collection and not ready to reveal the inspiration,” said Joseph. “But you all can look forward to something very feminine, polished, versatile and very affordable!”


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