The Devil Had Her By The Throat!

Sparky D

Drugs ruin lives and year after year some are still fighting the battle to break free.

Year after year we find that people like Sparky D get lured into the pits of hell when using drugs.  One must wonder if you see a person get dragged down to the pit of hell, why would you want to go there.  Where is the will power?  Are people so curious to see for themselves how a drug can pull you in so far into a pit that you can’t get yourself out?  Well that’s the story of female battle rapper from the 80’s Sparky D who had a great career in front of her and just threw it down the drain to befriend something called crack.

Her 17 year experience with her backstabbing crack addition that she would do anything for cost her the family she loved, a career and the love of a good man.  Her explosive book, “From The Pit To The Palace … Restructure, Rebuild and Restore gives you a glimpse on her journey of crack, homelessness, and prostitution until she made her way to the pulpit and never looked back.  She writes…

I had seen death three times in my life.  Drugs can make you go places you wouldn’t dream of going.  Some people had written a death ticket for me, but I just kept living as if tomorrow was my last day.  My family disowned me and I never would have imagined that I, Doreen Broadnax aka Spark D would be living in a shelter.  It’s strange how all people from all different walks of like go through domestic violence.  I had to use another name; Florida just in case my husband was looking for me.  They say first its jail, then institutions and then death. All I was waiting on was death.  Walking the black mile because darkness was my life.

That chapter in my life is now over.  Life is good now.  Through my journey I am now able to help other walk through the valley of the shadow of death to let them know that they shall not fear evil for God is with them.”


Sparky D at Women of Hip Hop event
Sparky D at Women of Hip Hop event

Belinda Trotter-James

Sparky D is now traveling around the world performing on stage again and preaching the word to those who have the ears to hear.  Her book is exclusively on and she will also have a line of fragrances and prayer oils for men and women coming out soon.

You can keep up with Sparky D on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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