Claire Danes Talks Homeland and Berlin

Claire Danes

Claire Danes who star in Homeland for five seasons as Carrie Mathison talks filming on location. Claire, the show’s troubled lead said, “I love Berlin. It’s very fertile ground for our brand of storytelling.”

Claire Danes recently spoke with Digital Spy about filming in Berlin. Claire Danes said, “I love Berlin. It’s very fertile ground for our brand of storytelling. It’s Spook Central. It’s got an incredible history of spying and it really does bridge a lot of cultures. Germany’s fascinating. It’s a really rich landscape to film and dramatize.”

The former Stardust actress, Claire Danes was asked why she thought the show was so popular around the world. She said, “We’re talking about international ideas and themes in Homeland. Unfortunately, terrorism is relevant to everyone – but I also think that there’s a lot of ambiguity in our show and America is not depicted strictly as heroic.” Claire continued, “We see our system fail and succeed, but it’s an inclusive story. We admit our vulnerability and I think that is probably interesting and appealing to other countries because America often asserts itself as infallible and domineering. We don’t do that in Homeland.”

The Family Stone actress went on to talk about consulting with the CIA. Claire Danes said, “I have a ‘spy’ big sister who I met through series co-creator Alex Gansa just before we started doing the pilot. She took me to Langley’s CIA headquarters and introduced me to her colleagues.”

Claire Danes and her husband, actor Hugh Dancy recently welcomed the addition of their son, Cyrus.  At the time, they were living in a loft in SoHo that Danes had. She was born and raised in the Lower Manhattan neighborhood. Her memories of the past kicked in and she and her husband Dancy bought a town house in the West Village. Danes stated, “I was from here, and I will end my days here.” She continued, “I still have a book club with my friends from when I was 5.” Claire went on to say, “That’s the privilege of growing up in a place where people want to remain. It’s a huge gift.”

The sixth season of Homeland is starting late this year so Danes will not have to be on the set which will be New York until August. Congrats on the 37-year-old Danes and her husband for their new bundle of joy. We will be waiting for season six.  What do you think of Claire Danes on Homeland?