The Millennial Woman’s Guide To Writing A Travel Journal

Start A Travel Journal

‘If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.’ – Toni Morrison

Writing a travel journal is so important.  It allows you to experience travelling and getting to know yourself.

A travel journal is book you take with you on the road to record images, words, and people you encounter.

I believe that my writing is effectual in delivering satisfaction to every passionate writer or reader. For each word typed, I interpret the unique account of a Caribbean woman living in the United States.

First you have to begin with where you’re from…
“Born in Atlanta, Georgia a brilliant young writer of Jamaican ancestry chronicles her family’s story after migrating from New Jersey to the South. The timeline enlists characters of all nationalities uniting for a musical mission to heal the world with Reggae.”

This is my personal Travel Journal introduction. Feel free to alter the words to better fit your lifestyle and “herstory” as a multicultural woman.  A travel book is a journal you take with you on the road to record images, words, and people you encounter.

Take Advice from Other Female Journalists…

The Diary of Anne Frank is one example of how a young girl used her voice to start a movement. Her story of the holocaust continues to impact women seeking refuge during world crisis.

Ann Frank Quote

Life is not all that it seems; However, sometimes writing out your issues helps you come to a resolution. It doesn’t have to be a definite answer, but it needs to be enough to hold you over until you figure out the bigger picture.

Carry Your Travel Journal Everywhere…

Creating helps me fill in the void towards the challenges I encounter in my life. If it wasn’t for music to help subside my sorrows, I don’t know where I would be. When its dreary outside, I take a marker and draw my dreams out. I write my vision in bold writing. I’m learning to take my ideas from the second dimension into reality.

Take your travel journal with you everywhere you go and dedicate some time everyday to writing about your experience as a woman in a first world country. How do you think your experiences can change other women’s views on life in the United States?'


We as females need to continue to uplift one another. There are already too many distractions keeping us from success in this misogynistic society. Share something with a close friend, volunteer at a woman's shelter, buy a friend lunch, and comment on a brown girl blog. What will you do to share your blogger girl powers today?