Cameron Diaz Energized By The Longevity Book

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz is one of Hollywood’s charismatic actresses who has been co-authoring books about longevity, the human body and wellness.

Cameron Diaz who is full of energy and looks amazing shared her knowledge with Bon Appetite. Cameron uses her charms and always upbeat disposition to anti-aging and more in The Longevity Book: The Science of Aging, the Biology of Strength and the Privilege of Time. Diaz shared the benefit of eating pork belly on a night out having fun with friends.

The Charlie’s Angels star shared her breakfast routing. Diaz stated, “I’m a protein girl in the morning. That’s a big thing for me. A lot of my friends can’t stomach breakfast, but I have a first and a second breakfast.” The Other Woman actress described what she would eat for each of the breakfasts. Cameron said, “At my first breakfast, I just put something in my stomach before my workout—usually scrambled eggs, toast, an avocado, an apple with almond butter, overnight oats, or a piece of chicken. It’s just enough to kick things into gear. Then I work out. After that, at second breakfast, I joke that I eat dinner for breakfast. It’s a full meal with chicken, grains, and sautéed or roasted vegetables.”

The Sex Tape actress was asked if her diet changed after her research and writing this book. Diaz said, “Since my mid-30s I’ve been conscientious about my eating and good nutrition. It’s not really something I grew up with. What I really learned about aging was the five pillars of well-being. They’re integrated and we need ’em all.” The Bad Teacher actress talked about the five pillars of well-being. The Knight and Day actress revealed that, “First and foremost, we need good nutrition, good sleep, good physical activity—and I don’t mean just working out at a gym for two hours then sitting for eight. We need constant movement, periodically, throughout the day. Then we need to learn how to release stress.”

The Holiday actress went on to say, “We also need to find a connection or purpose with the community around us. Like, when I sit down to a meal with a friend, it’s really just part of improving my well-being. It’s not just the food I’m eating. I can restrict the hell out of my eating generally, but when I sit down with a friend, no matter what I eat, it’s good for me.” She has some excellent advice, what do you think about Cameron Diaz and her healthy living to stay energized?


Photo: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images