Debi Mazar: Cooking, Italy + Younger

Debi Mazar

When it comes to the “Younger” actress Debi Mazar, she would like to make Tuscany a more permanent fixture in her life.

Debi MazarDebi Mazar loves Italy because it’s more personal for Mazar because she met her husband, chef Gabriele Corcos, the inspiration for the couple’s Brooklyn restaurant, Under the Tuscan Gun. Here is how she describes Italy and what she loves to do first, “The first two weeks, nothing changes. … I wanna run down to Florence, I want to pound the pavement and be a tourist.” This sounds beautiful, relaxing and a much needed solution for all of us; I get it.  Once the excitement calms, Debi explains, “Somehow it starts to shift where I kind of calm down, all of a sudden I can breathe and … I start staring at the olive trees; they glisten with their silver tone. … I hear the noise of the wild boars.  I somehow become a country girl, it’s very ‘Green Acres.’ … I want to get on a tractor.”

Recently, Debi Mazar became a spokeswoman for food-products maker Soy Vay’s talking recipes on its website. “(With YouTube videos), you end up having to press rewind — ‘Oh my God, what did they do there? How did they do that?’ And you have to click around; it can be frustrating,” she said. “With this one, you don’t even have to touch your computer. You set it up and boom, you just go, and it’s fantastic.”

Debi hopes to open a culinary school and bed-and-breakfast. The couple has their Cooking Channel show, “Extra Virgin,” which they dream to expand the show. They want to add the entire family playing comedic supporting roles to whatever dish was the star for that episode. It would be that perfect blend of their passions to unite their successes and to fuse it like their marriage. Mazar says, “We are in the middle of writing again, and we are about to go out and sell a new show. … We’re also trying to open up a bed-and-breakfast in Italy and a cooking school.” Rest assure that she knows what she is doing. However, Debi is keeping tight-lipped saying, “I can’t tell you because it’s not here yet, but it won’t be the same thing as before, and we’re still in the process of kind of figuring that out ourselves, but we have a couple of ideas. … I created the format for the Cooking Channel.”

Despite her love for cooking and Italy, Mazar remains committed to her acting career noting it will always be her first love and career priority: Season three of the sitcom “Younger” debuts in September on TV Land.

Photo: Roy Rochlin/FilmMagic