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The educational YouTube show by Emily Graslie called The Brain Scoop is nearly four years old.

The end of 2016 will mark the four-year-anniversary of Emily Graslie’s YouTube Channel The Brain Scoop.  Her show is hosted at the Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois, but it didn’t start off there.  Graslie and her YouTube channel had very humble beginnings in the small town of Missoula, Montana before she was discovered by the Museum in Chicago.

Emily Graslie was first noticed by YouTuber Hank Green of the vlogbrothers.  Green showcased the small museum she worked for at the time in one of his “Thoughts From Places” videos describing the Philip L Wright Zoological Museum as “one of the coolest places I have found in Missoula”.  Emily Graslie toured Green around the small museum showing off their animal specimens and the work she did; she was a volunteer curatorial assistant for the museum.  Part of her work included preparing animals for taxidermy.  In her words: “Guys, I’ve been scooping brains since 2010.” 

Green thought that Graslie was so engaging in front of the camera that he helped her get a YouTube channel started where she could educate people on her job, the animals in the museum, the history of animals in general, the scientists who had worked and donated to the museum and much more.  Fans came quickly praising Emily Graslie and the show for being articulate and also having good-natured humor spread throughout.  Graslie was recognized by the Scientific American website after only a few videos were uploaded to the channel.  “I mean …that’s pretty awesome,”  said Graslie.

In June of 2013, the Chicago Field Museum hired her to do the show from their location.  Graslie accepted  becoming the museum’s ‘Chief Curiosity Correspondent’, a title that’s special to Graslie alone.  Graslie has been doing the show in Chicago ever since.

Coming up on their four-year-anniversary of the channel, The Brain Scoop has accomplished a lot.  The channel itself has 344,493 subscribers and 14,799,939 views as of the writing of this article.  Graslie has educated people many people and given the Field Museum as well as the Philip L Wright Zoological Museum publicity as a result of her channel.  She was given the opportunity to give a TEDtalk in 2014 (which you can watch here), where she expresses the need and the value of curiosity.  She has also spoken up about her opinions on women in the STEM field and how she has unfortunately gotten inappropriate comments on her videos addressing sexism that she had dealt with as a result of putting herself out into the public via YouTube.

If you value curiosity yourself, I highly recommend the channel.  I have personally had the honor to watch it grow from the very beginning and Graslie, to this day, has continued to teach and entertain me in a way that is truly engaging.



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