Nigerian Born Morolake Akinosun Is Ms Fast Twitch

morolake akinosun

Morolake Akinosun went to the Olympics in Rio after promising herself that she would do so five years ago…

It’s easy to come down on yourself and to think that you’re not going to accomplish your long-term (or sometimes even short-term) goals.  This world can make things so hard on people.  From self-doubt, to bullying, to being told that you can’t do something because of arbitrary reasoning.  Anything can take us down a few notches and make us believe that we can’t achieve what we set out to.  I’ve struggled with this myself; I think we all have.  However, we can make it if we try hard enough and fight for what we want, what we need or what we believe in.  Morolake Akinosun proved that this year.

Five years ago, Morolake Akinosun tweeted out big goals.  Her goals included graduating from a school (which one, she wasn’t sure yet) and making it to the Olympics on the U.S. Sprint Team.  Making the Olympics team is quite a lofty goal and not many people can do it.  In fact, favorite to make the U.S. Track and Field team, Kendra Harrison, just missed the mark.  However, Akinsoun made the cut in her event and on July 30th recalled her tweet from five, long years ago.

morolake akinosun

At 22 years of age, in 2016, she’ll have graduated from the college of her choice and made the 2016 Rio Olympics as planned.  Akinsoun’s story is a good reminder for anyone with any dream or goal.  The road is long and it’s going to take you by surprise, but you can make it no matter what hurdles you may have to jump over.  Whether it’s a life problem you’re facing or a dream that you might be following, you can do it if you set your mind to it.  We all need that reminder sometimes.

The athletics events, including the Track and Field events that Morolake Akinosun will be participating in, took place on August 12th through August 21st on NBC here in the U.S.  You can follow her on Instagram @msfasttwitch



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