Henna Tattoos Are Trendy And Natural

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Henna is a trend from South Asia which is becoming very popular in United States these days. Henna Tattoos are all natural and can stay on your body from seven to ten days. You can pick any design you like.  We did an interview with Henna Artist Poonam Parmer from Greensboro, North Carolina who shared some excellent information about Henna Tattoos…


Henna Artist Poonam Parmar , Greensboro, NC, USASukhin Chawla | Her Daily
Henna Artist Poonam Parmar , Greensboro, NC, USA

1. What is henna?  What is the significance?  Does it have a particular meaning?

Poonam: Natural henna is made from crushed leaves of the henna plant and by adding eucalyptus oil and water you can create this paste that will stain your skin creating a beautiful natural color that gets darker with your body heat. Henna does not have a significant meaning because it is not meant for something specific.  It is like any other make-up products; it emphasizes your beauty. There is no meaning behind henna, when brides get henna on their wedding day.  It’s purpose is to make the bride look charming.

2. When did you start and what motivated you to be a henna artist?

Poonam: I started learning henna in 8th grade, soon I fell in love with the art and a hobby turned into a passion. I took classes to improve my skills and started doing henna on a professional level. I got lost in the art and its infinite designs.

3. How far have you reached in business and where do you see yourself in next 5 years?

Poonam: In my business I have grown to the point where I am the number one henna artist locally in North Carolina. Many of my interviews and photo shoots have been published in magazines and I’ve also been on TV.  In 5 years I want to be known nationally and keep growing as a henna artist. I also want to publish a book with my designs; for now I am working really hard and improving on every step to achieve the goal I set for my future.

4. What occasion do people prefer henna in USA?

Poonam:  There are no specific occasions when a henna is preferred, but the most common time is summer. In the summer  people are able to show off their henna. Some  cultures that requires brides to have a henna design get it done for their wedding to make the hands look more appealing.

5. Are there any challenges you face while running your business?

Poonam:  The biggest challenge I have faced in the US is that when I first arrived from India, I had to start from zero because no one knew who I was or what my art was like. Getting the word out about me was also difficult. Eventually, as I did events, everybody in the local area knew me and they spread my name causing me to be very well-known.

I think “Impossible is Nothing” and after reading Poonam’s story, I want to concentrate on my life goals and not forget to have henna tattoo on my body this week <3 <3 <3

Sukhin Chawla

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Sukhin Chawla is a freelancer writer in United States and have an experience of creative writing in more than three years. Sukhin also worked as a Broadcaster in National Television in India for two years.