Swell Caroline Jewelry Births A Business And Baby


Amy Rodbell gave birth to Swell Caroline jewelry and a baby within five months.  Now that’s a super woman…

When women put their minds to doing something, it gets done no matter what the circumstances.  This is exactly why you need to meet Amy Rodbell who started Swell Caroline jewelry business five months after giving birth.  Amy is the owner, designer and creative director of Swell Caroline.   She started the business in her home and it quickly blossomed into an e-Commerce site where everyone loves to shop for cute accessories for the summer, spring, winter and fall.  Each season deserves a different piece of jewelry to reflect your mood.

Swell Caroline has pieces everyone can wear from necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and even watches.  When Amy worked as a stylist for Ralph Lauren, it gave her the inspiration to create a lifestyle brand that customers would love wearing.  Her brand creates a sense of empowerment and confidence for the women who wear her designs.

SwellCaroline-GoldMonogramNecklaceTeenagers love to wear Swell Caroline jewelry as well for parties, birthdays, graduations, school days, special events and holidays.  The brand is so versatile that any age group will enjoy wearing various pieces from Amy’s collection.

SwellCaroline-BraceleltEarringBelieve it or not, Amy worked as a staffer on Capitol Hill in DC.  That is where she learned how to be confident and have the ability to communicate with others in order to carry out her duties and responsibilities smoothly.  In order to run an effective business Amy knew she had to have those traits and she did along with combining her knowledge of marketing and finance.

SwellCaroline-PearlNecklaceThrough her Swell Caroline company Amy’s goal was to inspire women to be confident, colorful and have fun with their sense of style.  Amy’s sense of confidence after having a child definitely shows women that you don’t have to sit at home and be a feeding machine couch potato just because you gave birth.  If it’s something you want to do, please do not blame your new bundle of joy if you can’t get it started.  Don’t blame yourself either.  Some women need the time to do absolutely nothing but give lots of hugs and kisses to the new member of the family.  However, Amy is cut from the cloth of super women entrepreneurs.

SwellCaroline-MonogramBraceletCuffAmy’s determination to start a business has earned her the crown of having one of the country’s most sought after costume jewelry brands.  Please ask for Swell Caroline by name in over 200 top independent retail boutiques.


Dorothy Smith


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