Bozoma Saint John: The Boss

bozoma saint john

Guess who stole the show at Apple’s Worldwide Development Conference – Bozoma Saint John. She’s a marketing executive at Apple Music – joining the company in its acquisition of Beats Music.

Bozoma has a background in advertising and marketing and led PepsiCo’s venture into music for almost 10 years before joining Apple.

Born in Ghana, Bozoma moved to Colorado when she was 14. She graduated from Wesleyan University with a degree in English and African-American studies.

Jimmy Iovine personally recruited Bozoma from PepsiCo because of her experience in music marketing. She had only been there for three months before it was acquired by Apple, where she became the head of global consumer marketing for iTunes and Apple Music.

Bozoma’s appearance at the Apple Worldwide Development Conference was described as her breakthrough moment. She ushered in passion and captivated the entire audience. Her presentation helped to emphasize Apple’s revamp of its Music software.

Buzzfeed wrote that she was the “coolest person to ever take the stage at an Apple keynote.” She says of herself, “Generally bad and good at it.”

bozoma saint johnAnd why wouldn’t she be? Remember the commercial – featuring Taraji P. Henson, Mary J Blige and Kerry Washington? Bozoma is the creative genius behind that. Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance in 2013? Yes, she arranged that too.

When Bozoma Saint John ran for student council president in tenth grade, her campaign slogan was “Nuthin but a Boz thang.” Now, how boss is that?!

Bozoma has been inducted into the American Advertising Federation’s Advertising Hall of Achievement, made the list of top women in music by Billboard Magazine, Fast Company’s 100 most creative people and Adweek’s most exciting personalities in advertising.

A clear badmamajama (so says her Instagram) born for that job. Talk about slaying – she has been known to strut into the Apple offices on Monday mornings. Like a boss!

Archuleta Chisolm

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