Ella Van Cleave Wants To Create An Ocean Documentary

ella van cleave

“It all started because I wanted to save dolphins,” said Ella Van Cleave…

Motivated by her love of nature, the ocean, and of course, dolphins, Ella Van Cleave is prepared to make a documentary about conserving the ocean, the largest part of the Earth we live on.  Her project is entitled “To The Sea: A Film about (Re)connection”, and it’s currently running a KickStarter to help back the project.  The project is entirely student-run and hopes to bring a fresh perspective to marine conservation topics…one that highlights how humanity’s relationship with the ocean has changed, and what measures are necessary to remedy the damage we have caused. It is a story filled with both despair and hope, and the best part? We get to choose the ending.”  Ella explained in her own article about her project on dolphinproject.net.

Who is Ella Van Cleave?  Cleave is a young, Canadian student who had become a certified diver at the age of thirteen.  Soon after that on her website’s about page, Cleave explains that it wasn’t long after that she got a video camera and begun to film.  Cleave is also a very respected activist.  In 2012, she was invited to give a TEDtalk.  At the time Cleave was 14 years old in the ninth grade.  Since then, Cleave has also garnered several interviews and has spoken out at different events regarding her thoughts on conservation.

Now, she’s turning her filming from a hobby to a project that she sincerely hopes will better the world.

“There are more issues plaguing the oceans today than I can count,” Cleave says in her promotional video for the KickStarter,  “but most of those remain unknown or misunderstood by the general public that will feel their effect, probably in our own lifetimes.”  Cleave’s hope is to bring this issues to light, bring awareness to them, and help the Earth’s largest ecosystem; the ecosystem that makes up almost three-fourths of the Earth.

The mission behind To The Sea is to reunite humanity with the natural world by putting a contemporary spin on planet Earth’s oldest, most awe-inspiring story to date,”  says Cleave.  “…It is a world that many see as mysterious and dangerous, but above all, it is a world that demands respect.”

If you are interested in helping Ella Van Cleave monetarily with her project, you can back up her KickStarter campaign here, or visit her website on the project, www.totheseafilm.org.



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