Talent Spotlight: Dutch Artist Lois van Baarle

lois van baarle

Lois van Baarle is a Dutch freelance artist who has made a name for herself online…

If you’ve browsed throughout the artwork social media website, DevaintArt, you probably have heard of Lois van Baarle.  Or at least, of her handle, Loish.  Lois van Baarle has made quite a name for herself online having a really good following on the aforementioned website.  Baarle has 204,307 ‘watchers’ to her page, over 9 million page views and over 19 thousand comments on her artwork posted to the site.  On top of that, she has had ten “Daily Deviations”, which is the website’s way of honoring artwork they think is extraordinary.  Outside of Devaintart, she has over 1 million likes on Facebook and 33 thousand followers on Twitter.

Lois van Baarle, like most people, started drawing when she was very young.  In 2003, she began to teach herself how to paint digitally.  She studied animation for a year in Belgium, and then moved back to the Netherlands to continue her studies in the field.  She is currently a freelance artist, but she hopes to make artwork her full-time career in the future.

Baarle has published her artwork online for about thirteen years as of the writing of this article.  Since 2003, she has gained three diplomas, won three awards throughout her academic career and worked for countless companies through her freelancing work and has also had her artwork featured in numerous publications.  She is skilled in everything from concept art to storyboarding and animation, to character design. Baarle works with both traditional and digital forms of artwork, though she does prefer working digitally.

Baarle has a very diverse style and also very diverse subject matters.  She has drawn anything from animals to humans of all different races and genders.  Her art can go from the realistic, drawing self portraits (which you can see an example of down below) or landscapes or differing body types. It can also move toward more of the abstract, like images of girls with floating jellyfish.

Even with her seeming internet fame, I still personally think that Lois van Baarle deserves more attention.  Her artwork showcases her love, passion and willingness to work hard at her craft.  Something everyone can take a lesson from.

Baarle sells her artwork as well.  You can view and purchase her artwork through InPrnt, Society6 and DevaintArt.

lois van baarle



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