Statements Demeaning Women Must Always Be Addressed

locker room talk

The video of the U.S. Presidential Candidate Donald Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women is widespread…

In wake of this news, several women have come to accuse the candidate of assaults. During the second U.S. Presidential debate, when questioned about the statements he made in the video, Mr. Trump defended himself by calling this “locker room talk”:

Recently, I read a news story that pertains to the President of Nigeria having said that his wife, the first lady belongs in the kitchen. This was after his wife, Aisha Buhari questioned his government. It’s been said that this was meant in a “joking manner.”

As a woman, I have to say that words and actions taken towards women in a negative light should never be dismissed nor taken as humorous. When others make statements belittling women, we must always call it out and acknowledge the gravity of the situation because of two critical reasons…

It Sets a Tone for What is Right and Wrong…

When we endeavor to always call out acts of injustice against women and girls, we set a tone that it is not okay to treat women as less than. It is not okay to judge women negatively on their appearance. It is not okay to demean women’s intellect. It is certainly not right to harass women. We are whole human beings and should be treated with respect.

We can’t and we shouldn’t ever dismiss this when we see others belittle women. We shouldn’t stay silent about it because that sets a tone for how people should behave. It sets a tone for what is acceptable.

Eliminate Archaic and Demeaning Notions of Womanhood…

Women have come a long way to assume certain rights in society. The fact that I as a young woman am able to have had the opportunity to obtain an education is something that I do not take for granted. The fact that I am able to strive for my ambitions is a privilege that not every young woman has. Achieving women’s rights worldwide is a worthwhile goal that we continue to strive for. Therefore, we all have to do our part to make sure that archaic and demeaning notions of where women belong, what women should do are not perpetuated. If negative notions of women are perpetuated, it takes us as a people backwards. We have to move forward in society by acknowledging women with respect and dignity. Everyone should be treated with respect and dignity.

What are some of your thoughts on why we should address these issues? Let me know in a comment!

Isioma Ononye

Isioma Ononye is a freelance writer, blogger and Social Media Specialist. She's passionate about communications, working on causes that pertain to supporting women, girls and young professionals. She's often found discussing literature, politics or her dream of meeting Oprah.