Ayesha Curry: From YouTube Chef To FoodNetwork Fame

Ayesha Curry

It’s time to start cooking with new recipes from Ayesha Curry.

Ayesha Curry is a lot of things.  Ranging from a model, to an actress, to a business woman, to a celebrity cook.  The last talent of hers, she’s taking to a whole other level.

Her cooking career began humbly on YouTube.  In 2014, Ayesha Curry started a small YouTube channel called “Little Lights of Mine”.  As of the writing of this article, Ayesha Curry had 41 different recipes to share.   They included everything from a medium-well cooked steak, to healthy hummus.  She has over 444,000 subscribers, and her videos have been viewed over 25 million times.

In 2016, she took her career up a notch.  First, Curry collaborated with celebrity chef Michael Mina.  Together, they created a pop-up restaurant in San Francisco.  Then, Curry had published her first cookbook entitled “The Seasoned Life”.  Then, just ten months into the year, her culinary career is going even further.  She will most likely be making her restaurant a permanent spot, and she now has her own cooking show on the FoodNetwork.  Her show is called “Ayesha’s Homemade”.   Variety reported that not only will “Ayesha’s Homemade” be focused on food, but also on Curry’s life as a wife and mother.

Ayesha Curry

Upon further inspection of her YouTube channel, her food looks very good.  She gave good and easy tips, and the meals she made didn’t take much time.  Perfect for families who might not always have time to cook extensive meals.  In fact, her goal is to make cooking easy and fun for families.  According to the New York Magazine, Ayesha Curry presented Rachel Ray as her mentor because “she incorporates family into everything.”  Curry’s Rosemary and Garlic Steak looked especially good and easy to make.  I’m sure I’ll be trying out that recipe in the not too distant future.

It’ll also be interesting to see what recipes she brings onto the show.  With such a diverse ethnic background (Curry is Polish, African-American, Jamaican, and Chinese), she can bring many varied dishes to the table.  Reportedly, she has already added dishes according to her ethnic background in her aforementioned cookbook.

Are you excited for another new FoodNetwork show to hit the block?  Have you seen Ayesha’s new show?  Did you like it?  Tell us below in the comments.

Ayesha’s Homemade Premiered on October 22, 2016.



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