Meghan Markle: Her Interests And Talents You Didn’t Know About

meghan markle

Meghan Markle is an activist, and a foodie!  Bet you didn’t know that!

As Meghan Markle has been gaining ground in the media world as of late, most people know her as a lead on USA’s legal drama, Suits.  She’s been on USA’s popular show since 2011, but she’s also done various other acting projects as well.  According to her wikipedia page, she has been on twenty-two different television programs, including a couple Hallmark Channel films.  Even if you don’t watch Suits, you may have seen her guest star on popular shows such as CSI: Miami, ABC’s Castle, or even General Hospital back in 2002.

However, her acting career isn’t the only thing Meghan Markle has focused on.

1)  She’s an Entrepreneur

Meghan Markle is the founder of the blog  On her website, she publishes anything and everything from food, to travel, to beauty and fashion.  I mentioned in the headline of this article that Markle considers herself a foodie, and true to her title, she’s named her website after a glass of wine.

2)  She’s an Activist

In 2016, Markle became the Global Ambassador of World Vision Canada.  She visited the Republic of Rwanda in order to help bring clean water to the children there.  As she did this, she also taught the children how to paint with watercolors, using a brand new water pipe that had been installed in the local community.  She also has worked with HeforShe, making a presentation at the UN in 2014 for gender equality.

3)  She’s a Foodie

And a proud one at that.  Loving food is such a part of her life, she put that aspect of herself into her character in Suits.  On twitter, she says she posts links to recipes and tips for a healthy eating lifestyle.  She also claims that a good glass of wine is the best way to end the day, and I’m sure many people agree with her.

4)  She’s a Fashion Designer

Her line is somewhat small, but she has released five clothing items for the Canadian retailer Reitmans.  This line includes vegan leather pants, a vegan leather skirt, a blouse, a turtle neck, and a poncho.  Small, a little expensive, but I’m quite envious of that relaxed blouse.  I wish I could afford it.

Most times, there’s more to a woman than meets the eye.  Or more to a woman than how the media portrays her.  So let’s just take a moment and appreciate all the layers that everyone has.  Everyone is more complex and maybe more talented than we initially realized.



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