Sew Trendy Accessories: Maternity Gowns That Inspire

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It all began with a simple gift – a sewing machine. Years later, Valerie Best is leading an adventure she never thought would be possible.

Best is the owner of Sew Trendy Accessories, a shop on Etsy that is gaining worldwide attention. It specializes in handmade maternity gowns and fashion accessories.

Valerie Best

She is a true champion at helping expecting women across the world feel beautiful and confident.

I discovered Best’s shop when I was booking my own maternity photo shoot, and was in search of the dream dress. Being pregnant with twins, I was lacking confidence with a nearly 60 pound weight gain.

Kiara gown
Kiara gown

“It is not uncommon for us as moms to want to cover up everything when we’re feeling that way,” Best says. “We shouldn’t because we’re beautiful no matter what shape or size we are.”

Best said her career goal is to help to alleviate those thoughts and encourage women to step outside of their comfort zone and help them to make a bold and elegant statement.

Feeling bold and beautiful

As a mother of three, two girls and a boy, Best knows the importance of empowering other mothers. Most of her seamstresses are stay-at-home moms who need to provide a steady income for their families. Through the success of her shop, her employees earn a full-time wage, health benefits, a 401k and the shop is booming.

“About 70 dresses are shipped out daily,” she exclaims. “At times, 100 dresses.”

In browsing her shop, you will notice the wide variety of styles and colors, including sleeve lengths, train lengths and splits. She even offers “mommy and me” sets. The options are endless.  Perhaps what is most impressive about Best is her creativity and heart for her customers.

She recently expanded her shop to add the “Rainbow Baby” collection created to celebrate the calm after the storm. With vibrant colors, mommies to be are modeling these particular gowns and stepping out to share their battle stories after experiencing a miscarriage.  Best donates 20% of proceeds from this collection to support pediatric care.

Feel beautiful. Shop Sew Trendy here.