Talent Spotlight: Fantasy Photographer Linda Blacker

linda blacker

Linda Blacker attempts to make dreams come through in her photography.

Linda Blacker, pictured above, often times uses her love for stories and her love for photography together.  Her artwork is varied, extremely original, and very dream-like.  Linda’s inspiration seems to come from anywhere.  She’s depicted herself as in the ocean, watching over boats.  She’s depicted her models as fairies, or statues.  With the help of some makeup artists, including UK-based artist Ashleigh Bunce, Linda Blacker brings her own personal fantasies to life, using her camera.

One of Blacker’s most recent series of photos portrayed her models as vintage, pin-up characters.  This was a set taking modern women and putting them in various, period situations.  One of such images is pictured below.

linda blacker

Blacker’s work usually depicts London-Based YouTubers as her models and fantasy characters.  Blacker is London-Based herself, and has taken many pictures of YouTubers such as Carrie Hope Flecther, Zoella, Carly Rowena, and many more.  Blacker has also worked with start-up musicians such as Tizzy (pictured below), and has worked for a few social causes such as the UK’s “Stand Up To Cancer” campaign.

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tizzy linda blacker

As stated before, most of her work “intertwines fantasy and reality”.  Many of her works come along with stories, such as her pictures that depict men as stone called “The Forgotten”.  In her little story, a man made of stone had been forgotten until a little bird perched on top of him for a short while.  He was overjoyed to have company, but soon the bird left, leaving him alone one again.

linda blacker
As of the writing of this article, Linda Blacker has fifty-five thousand followers on her instagram account, where she often posts her final photos.  She has ten thousand followers on twitter, and over fifteen thousand likes on her Facebook profile.  She continues to further her career by doing work for campaigns, advertising, and doing commissions for paying customers.  Truly, Linda Blacker has quite a bit of talent, and a huge amount of creativity at her disposal.  You can see more of her work here, on her website.

linda blacker zoella


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