Michelle Sodaro Serves Up A New Novel: Redeeming Trust

Brilliant, refreshing and intentional. Words to describe my dear author friend Michelle Sodaro, as well as her novels.

She forms an incredible bond with her characters that allows her to tell stories from the heart that you can’t put down.

Redeeming Trust is the sequel to Broken Trust where we meet Sam and Ali who become best friends instantly. Their friendship only strengthened as Sam fell in love with Ali’s brother Ben. We also meet Vincent – a serious and dutiful hero that saves the day.

The characters at the center of these books came to her as a high school English teacher over a decade ago.  Sam Turner is an artist who has sacrificed her entire life for her art. She’s faces the choice of her lifelong goal or love. Benjamin Westcott has worked to establish himself as an architect, while working towards his dream of opening a home for runaways.

Alison Westcott has always avoided love and serious relationships. She was never going to be tied down by a man! Well, until Lieutenant Vincent Michaels (Officer Biceps) steps boldly into her world.

Michelle SodaroRedeeming Trust opens to find Ali’s music store AliCat Records broken into and Officer Biceps answering the call. Vincent and Ali have not spoken in 6 months and you can feel the passion between these two leap off the page.

Meanwhile, Sam and Ben are getting married soon and Sam has a tiny secret she’s keeping from everyone that will soon mean everything.

Ali is reluctant to loving Vincent, giving all that she’s been through and she feels that she will have to change who she is – a colorful, pixie-haired free spirit. However, it’s something about Officer Biceps that won’t let go of her heart.

Michelle Sodaro, author of five novels, takes the journey with her characters and includes those special details that bring you with her. In Redeeming Trust, Kansas City is the backdrop to the story which makes us natives feel right at home.

Michelle adds some twists and turns to the story of these four friends that make you laugh out loud, cry and champion them on.  As women, we know that oftentimes the very thing we run away from is what we most need. This story will certainly make you believe that love will find you – at the right place, at the right time.

I didn’t want the story to end because I have come to love Sam, Ali, Ben and Vincent, but somehow I know their journeys will be okay.

Redeeming Trust and all of Michelle’s novels are available on Amazon.com. Learn more about my friend here.

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Archuleta Chisolm

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