4 Women Who Made History On Election Night

four women

This year has been amazing for women of color across all industries, including politics.

Despite Hillary Clinton’s unexpected loss to Donald Trump, the following are just four women who made history on election night.

We still have much to celebrate! The newly elected Senate will have more women and although the Senate and House of Representatives are still overwhelmingly male, these women have shattered the ceiling and are paving a way for women after them.
Four women

California Attorney General Kamala Harris’ victory on election night made her the first Black woman to become Senator of California. Born to an Indian mother and Jamaican father, Harris’ win secures her place in history as the first Indian-American Senator and the second-ever Black woman Senator.
Four women

In Minnesota, Ilhan Omar became the first Somali-American Muslim woman to serve as a legislator. She’s an advocate for economic and racial equality in the United Sates, remembering her family escaping the Somali civil war.

Four women

Nevada’s Catherine Cortez Masto broke barriers on election night as the first Latina Senator in U.S. History. Her campaign focused on alleviating economic hardship by implementing equal pay practices, paid family leave and immigration reform. Masto is the granddaughter of a Mexican immigrant born to a Mexican father and an Italian mother.

Four womenWashington State Representative Pramila Jayapal’s historic win on election night made her the first Indian-American woman elected to the House of Representatives. She ran a successful campaign based on increasing minimum wage and implementing a ban on assault weapons.

Congratulations to these four groundbreaking women. They will help shape the future of America for the better. That is definitely something to celebrate.

To check out the full list of women of color who changed the face of politics this election season, go to Think Progress.



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