Measure Your Bra Size With An App

bra size

Apparently a study has proven that almost 80 percent of all women are wearing the WRONG bra size…

How can looking for something like the right bra be so frustrating.  Either the straps are too tight, not tight enough and the cup size is too big or not big enough.  Have you ever had a bra where your boobs overflow in the front and sides to make you look as if you have a four boob muffin top?  Have you ever wore a push up bra that pushed your boobs out of the bra?  How embarrassing.  What about the bra that just will not lift leaving your boobs looking droopy.  Ugh!

Bra experts say the middle of the bra is supposed to lay flat between your boobs, but that never happened for me.  If you think you’re in the right bra size, you’re probably not. Luckily, there’s now an app to solve this apparent problem!

We’re actually not too sure why you wouldn’t just get measured by a bra-fit specialist at Nordstrom or Victoria’s Secret, but hey, if this is more in your comfort zone… go for it. However, Natori Bra App is the name of the app that will help you find your perfect bra.

The app will ask you six questions related to your lifestyle and the results will be three bra suggestions that fit your new sizing.  Then the bra can be purchased directly on their site using your iPhone or iPad through a link to  The best part is that the app is free!

It’s an interesting concept, but we’re intrigued. How accurate could it be?  I must say I was a little embarrassed and uncomfortable to have the sales person at the store measure my boobs with her big, cold plastic measuring tape.  This app will definitely allow me to measure myself in the comfort of my own home and have the bra delivered directly to me.

Will you measure yourself and try this app? Let us know how it turns out (and then maybe we’ll try it, too).


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