A Seven Year Old Boy’s Mr. Awesome Drawing Is Amazing

mr. awesome

Calder Sloan, a happy and athletic 7-year-old boy, tragically died last month when he went swimming in a pool with faulty wiring. Before Calder died, he drew a sketch of a pretend boy called “Mr. Awesome” (Calder’s family nickname) — and Calder’s family is now sharing the inspiring drawing on social media to keep the boy’s memory alive. At the bottom of the drawing, Calder wrote the words “Adventure. Laughter. Kindness.”

mr. awesome fullCourtesy of: Facebook

People are showing their kindness by getting involved with the new Mr. Awesome campaign. A friend of the family asked his Facebook friends to take the Mr. Awesome drawing on adventures (similar to the elementary school project Flat Stanley). Celebs like Alex Rodriguez and Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh, Spiderman, Miami’s Fire Department and a Star Wars storm trooper all joined in the sweet campaign, sharing their photos on Facebook. Watch the amazing video below:

We’re so heartbroken about Calder’s death… but we love that the family was able to find a way to keep Calder’s spirit alive in an inspiring way. If you want to join the campaign, take a photo with Mr. Awesome and share the pic on Facebook or Twitter with #MrAwesome.What do you think of the viral Mr. Awesome campaign?

  • Julianne Duddley

    Almost started crying just reading this. That’s awesome.