Vera Farmiga Talks Real Life Conjuring

Vera Farmiga

I saw the Conjuring 2, then I learned actress Vera Farmiga dealt with her own personal Conjuring and I was absolutely freaked out.

Last year a group of film journalists were invited to the Conjuring 2 set with James Wan and some of the cast. Cinemablend shared their interview with actress Vera Farmiga who portrays the lead role of Lorraine Warren’s fight against paranormal activity and demons. Vera Farminga has had two horrible types of experiences herself since she joined the franchise. The first one happened in the pre-production phase.

Vera Farminga talks about her first experience which occurred when she was researching. She explained, “I had just been researching Lorraine. I wasn’t familiar with her, and so before our phone call, I was on the computer and I had closed it. We had our conversation. At that point I was just smitten with James. I said, If Patrick Wilson is in… – because I knew at the time he had also been offered a role – ‘…then I’m in.’ I just wanted to be sure that Patrick was going to be my partner. So we agreed and then we said goodbye.  When I opened the computer screen there were three digital claw marks from the upper right diagonal to the lower left.”

Vera Farmiga had a second occurrence on the last day she completed working on The Conjuring. It happened when she got back at her home. Vera woke up the next day to find, “Three claw mark bruises across her thigh.” Farmiga stated, “It wasn’t incredibly painful. It might have felt like a bruise… It was these three, very distinct, what looked like claw marks with long nails or long fingertips, like thin fingertips could make. But it didn’t hurt and I texted to James and I can’t even remember his response.” The brave actress had also explained that the marks were not exactly like the ones on her computer. It still amazes me how she was able to do the Conjuring 2. I bet that is part of why she is so believable in the film. She got me and I was truly scared in the Conjuring 2.

I understand that Vera Farmiga had different personal experiences in relation to the Conjuring, but I must tell you that if it was me, I would really doubt I could be brave enough to do the Conjuring 2 like Vera Farmiga.

Photo: Instagram/Vera Farmiga