Jamie Chung: Gotham’s New Valerie Vale And More

Jamie Chung

Jamie Chung who started out in the 1992 Real World is Gotham’s new Valerie Vale.

Jamie Chung has said that she got her bug for acting at Korean Catholic camp. Chung used to put on skits with other camp members and recalls, “I had absolutely no fear. I loved the whole creative process and entertaining people and making them laugh.” She had her mind made up and moved to L. A. when she graduated. Jamie Chung went on to roles in Veronica Mars, Days of Our Lives and Greek prior to transitioning into Movies. You may remember Jamie Chung from Sorority Row, Sucker Punch or the Hangover Part ll. Back to television, Jamie will be on the highly anticipated season 3 of Gotham on the Fox Network. Gotham will return on Monday, September 19th 8 p.m. ET.

The Once Upon A Time character of Mulan will be taking on the recurring role of Valerie Vale. It was reported by TVline that the character of Valerie is that of Gotham’s Gazette reporter who has her mind set to get the answers behind the horrors of mysterious human experiments that happened in Indian Hill. The role of Valerie is set to watch who she has decided is the key to her story and that is Jim Gordon, played by Ben McKenzie. Valerie Vale is also the aunt of DC Comics character, Vicki Vale.

In addition to working on her shows, Popsugar revealed that newlyweds Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenberg have been enjoying life together. Jamie has been busy decorating their home to reflect both of their tastes. The 33-year-old actress joked, “Now that the deal is sealed, I can go to town on the house!” The Office Christmas Party actress went on to say, “When Bryan first bought the house, he bought all his pieces at a one-stop shop. Everything was brown and leather.” Jamie wanted to have pops of color, but needed help so she chose an online design service Decorist head of design Ashley Redmond. The Believe actress said, “They literally transformed the room to reflect both our styles.”

Recently Jamie Chung took a break from hubby and acting and joined her friends Ashley Madekwe and Cara Santana for a long weekend with the girls in the Dominican Republic. Sounds like it has been a busy year and a break is always good to recharge your batteries. Jamie has come a long way from the Real World and in her personal life. Will you be watching Jamie Chung as Valerie Vale on Gotham?