What We Know About Disney’s Moana So Far


Disney is set to show off their new movie, Moana, in November. What do we know about the movie so far?

1) Auli’i Cravalho is playing the title character.  Auli’i Carvalho is a 15-year-old actress, born in Oahu, Hawaii, and Moana will be her debut role.  She got the role via an open-casting call which called for someone who was “brave, inquisitive, and confident”, who could also provide a strong singing voice for the character of Moana.  Carvalho said, in a video interview with People, that she didn’t think she would ever get the role, and according to the casting director, Carvalho was the very last actress that she saw before the casting call was closed.

2) The movie will have a couple of Broadway’s Hamilton stars.  Lin-Manuel Miranda, who wrote and starred in Hamilton, provides a lot of the music for the movie, including the snippet of a song you can hear in the teaser trailer that was released for the movie. Phillipa Soo, who played Eliza Schuyler in Hamilton, will appear in Moana as well. Right now she’s only casted as “a villager”; we’ve yet to find out how big Soo’s role in Moana will be.

3) “The Rock” is a main character.  That’s right.  Fan favorite Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is playing the character of Maui, a character we’re told is a banished demigod who can shape shift.  In the teaser trailer, we even see him turn into a gigantic owl.  Moana goes out to find in Maui order to, apparently, save the world.  From what?  We don’t know yet.

4) Moana will NOT have a love interest.  To all the Disney fans who love it when a love interest is absent from the plot line, you can all rejoice once again.  Ron Clements and John Musker, the directors of Moana, made a point to tell everyone at the San Diego Comic-Con that Moana is about the heroine finding herself and that there is no love interest involved.

5) The movie is NOT set in Hawaii.  It’s a misconception we can all understand, since the actress is from Hawaii, and usually when you think of the South Pacific, you think of the US’ fiftieth state.  However, the directors of the film said they were interested in telling stories about other islands in the South Pacific.  Disney already has visited Hawaii in their movie Lilo and Stitch and wanted to diversify further.  The exact location of Moana has not been disclosed.

There’s still much we don’t know about the film, but then again, it’s still nearly half-a-year away.  For now, to contain your excitement for the film as much as possible, you can watch the teaser trailer here, and the new ‘Baby Moana’ clip/International Trailer here.




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